Their world awaits...

Launching soon in paperback. Drop your details and I'll let you know when it's ready to ship.

Dive into your customers’ world

Nick Bowmast’s upcoming book, USERPALOOZA is a guide to understanding your customer in context. It’s written for anyone creating a product, service, brand or experience who wants to consider their customer, find out what matters to them, and to increase the chances of building something of value.

What you’ll learn:

How to think about, plan and conduct successful field research to inform design projects by gaining insight and understanding.

  • Who to talk to, how to choose and find them,
  • Priming yourself and team for a high value immersive experience,
  • Capturing moments that matter with notes, video, images and audio,
  • Proven interview techniques, tools and activities to open your senses and your customers’ world,
  • Making sense of your data,
  • Shaping and sharing your insights for lasting impact.

This book is for you if…

You work in the trenches of product, brand, marketing, or design – physical or digital – and want to understand how people think, feel and behave around your product or service.

You want to understand your customer – for yourself, your clients or your internal teams.

You’re a designer with insight-starved clients or teams looking to fuel their decisions about what really matters to customers, by meeting them in their world.

What’s inside?

The contents page provides an overview of the topics covered and the amount in each section (More dots = more goodness).

The depth I choose to go into in each section reflects the areas in which my clients have needed the most guidance or asked the most questions about. The sections provide the grounding for how to think about each phase of a fieldwork project, and they offer practical advice for how to get the most out of it.

165 pages, 8 inches square and carefully laid out in a practical ‘cookbook’ style. Generously illustrated with dozens of diagrams, examples and scenes from the field.

So, Why Userpalooza?

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