So, why Userpalooza?

Appetite for design as a professional skillset and organisational mindset has never been stronger, and never been more human.

At the start line of all variants of the human-centred design process lies the necessity to understand people, to define their needs, attitudes and motivations. A key message is to ‘get out of the building’ and into their lives. This means research, specifically fieldwork.

It’s encouraging to see organisations investing in this: learning about, from and with their customers, and Design Thinking can take a gracious curtsy for its role in fuelling this demand.

… but, too often teams accelerate to the horizon in a storm of sticky notes – without realising how fundamental to strategy is a nuanced and considered understanding of their customer – their experience of design research has been streamlined down to bite-sized chunks, but speed has come at the cost of quality and rigour.

We’ve done ’empathy’, now what?

Some way into their ‘honeymoon’ with design, teams realise they’re relying on instinct rather than insights.

They need to loop back; they may wish they’d dug a little deeper or for longer, delving into the lives of people, markets or contexts.

Dig deeper

This book aims to help those who want to go deeper with design research.

With your curiosity as your spade, let USERPALOOZA help you find out where and how to dig, and how to share the insights for maximum impact.

Who is Nick?

Nick Bowmast is an internationally recognised independent design researcher applying his instinct for finding out what makes people tick to shape products, services, brands and environments both physical and digital. Based in New Zealand, his particular expertise is bringing insights from his fieldwork to life using engaging visuals – something he addresses in this, his first book.

He also has an interest in trying to up-skill his clients to be effective researchers themselves. USERPALOOZA was shaped by his experience of working with those clients, informed by thousands of field visits across four continents over a decade.

Nick is lesser known as the accidental entrepreneur behind Mr. Tappy, a mobile device research tool used by thousands of UX designers worldwide.

Read how the author, Nick Bowmast was shaped by curiosity.

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