They said nice things …

“This book marries industry-leading design strategy with hard-won practical experience delivering actionable fieldwork. Whether you’re just starting out with field research or an experienced anthropologist – USERPALOOZA will inspire you to find the next level of your research craft.”

Andrew Harder. Director of Design Research & Strategy, eBay

“USERPALOOZA is one of those genuinely useful books. It offers practical advice that never loses sight of the fact that our users are always first and foremost human beings. Add it your reading list and your book shelf.”

Genevieve Bell. Anthropologist, futurist & Intel Sr Fellow

“Nick captures the reality of field research with a rare sensitivity. USERPALOOZA skips the ‘why’ to make more space for a fantastic, jargon-free, practical guide to anyone starting out in what we call user research. Genius.”

David Whittle. VP Product Insights – Spotify

“This is a terrific practical guide to doing empathy work with your customers. If you are in any business that delivers a product or service to any customer you will find the book useful. Nick brings a sense of humor to this as well as a wealth of experience.”

Perry Klebahn. Adjunct Professor Stanford University 

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