Kia ora, neighbours

The Aotearoa New Zealand Edition is available for shipping to those lucky enough to live and work here.

Price: $49 NZD including tracked postage to NZ addresses only.
(If you’re outside NZ, hit Amazon)

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(No Paypal account required, pay by credit/debit card, any hassles – sing out!)

Sometimes, it’s about how it makes you feel.

Despite Kiwi publishers explaining why it made sense to print offshore, I wanted to have a more direct connection with you, and to share the feeling of a product made in NZ.

168 square pages of solid paper stock, bound with care by Caxton Press just down the road in Christchurch. USERPALOOZA is something I’m super proud of, and look forward to sending from my local post office here in Motueka.

It will also be quicker and cheaper for you, and those both feel good too.

Oh, and If you rummage in the post-pack, you’ll find an ‘I AM NOT THE USER’ badge everyone can find someone to pin on.

Bulk Orders?

From a handful to a hundred, if you’re interested in bulk orders for your team, discounts apply. Get in touch.

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